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Sorry if I jump in the discussion so out of nowhere ( I'm currently reading
it because I use Gimp even if I'm not a professional).
I can understand your ( I mean your and developers') reasons, even if in the
case of GIMP and other software I don't totally agree. But reading it I'm
realizing that maybe I've lost an important piece of information: Does the
target GIMP are really just Professionals ( photographers , or image
Of course not.
  The only thing that has changed is that it is now very hard for one
to shoot oneself
on the foot by opening an image, playing around with it, and
overwriting the original without
really meaning it.

well. You are right I 'ven't yet thought of this scenario but now that I've thought about it I think that when I'll become used to the new save feature I'll be able to spare my brain the little thrill everytime it felt when I was about to press the save button, because times ago I've done this mistake quite frequently and I was really pissed of of my own dumbness. If one explains things like this everything is more understandable and maybe there are less misunderstandings.
Thank you for the explanation,
Best regards

What happened I think could be called
"enforcement  of the perception that an Image open in GIMP is more
than a single-layer, flat thing, with
  no layers, no selection, etc..."

On explaining why this approach is preferred, the developers use to
say something along
  "changes in the program are geared  towards making the tools better
for professionals ".
People disliking the feature, uses a twiwsted logic normally only seem
in jokes and childish plays to say
"if it is good for pros, it is bad for amateurs".

Based on the fact that there is no going back on this development decision,
  unhappy people started this crying as if GIMP developers where their enemies.
that is so even though nothing prevents one of assigning whatever shortcuts
  he wants to the "export" menu options, (I missed the part about the
  for closing, when leaving GIMP - but that, as shown, can be simply
changed by a
two liner script as Akanna had done)

And it is really that: not any o f the other fantastic features
  included in GIMP 2.8 is been commented upon,
and none of them changes the way of working of anybody -
instead, they just add even more possibilities for great and
fantastic work by amateurs and professionals alike.
(resource tagging, paint dynamics, new tools, etc...)

I'm really asking because I'm not pro and I don't want to became but I'm,
say, an amateur that us, for now, GImp in quite basic way ( or better in a
purpose oriented way) and this thing of the exporting behavior is quite
annoying ( to me) especially because there no choice to change it, but might
be not the only problem.

anyway best regards

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