On 08/21/2012 03:12 PM, Alessia wrote:

I'm really asking because I'm not pro and I don't want to became but
I'm, say, an amateur that us, for now, GImp in quite basic way ( or
better in a purpose oriented way) and this thing of the exporting
behavior is quite annoying ( to me) especially because there no choice
to change it, but might be not the only problem.


Preventing the user from choosing takes away Gimp from the professional world. Moreover, in this case, it's the same problem for amateur and professionnal. I said, many times here and somewhere else, this new Gimp behaviour concerning "save" function is a regression. To be positive, I propose Gimp gives the choice with two possibilities concerning "save" : the (normal) Gimp-2.6 way and the recent Gimp-2.8 way for those who like it. Everyone will agree, no more war... This becomes very annoying to the reputation of Gimp.

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