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I use .xcf files but my friends, my family members and most people, I
think, don't use .xcf.

Yes, I think you have just about FINALLY hit the point.  I am NOT a developer for GIMP, 
but I am enthusiastically in support of this new change so that I CANNOT loose my 
multi-layer composition without explicit consent as could (and did a few times) in 
previous versions of GIMP.    I am speaking for myself here, but I would say "GIMP 
wants people to use GIMP's native file format".   There are a large number of 
reasons for this, but saving multi-layer compositions is a key one.

I suspect another reason is to attempt to force recognition by print shops.  Ask 
how many print shops support psd files but not xcf?   I would bet that number 
would be>  20:1 and one way to change that would be to try to push the xcf 
usage among professional artists who use such print shops far more than the 
average joe blow on the street.

Print shops ask for png, jpeg or tiff, not psd

They need an image editor, not an xcf editor.

And these same joe blow users are NOT the intended audience of GIMP as has been 
stated like....oh... 500 times or so...

People will leave the world of free software to turn to proprietary.

Yep, and that's their right... why are you pushing so hard to keep them with a 
software that is not targeting them as it's core demographic? Especially when 
it's not a commercial project where anyone makes money from?

Strange and interesting point of view... Your message to these people is "go out". Welcome in the Happy World of Free Software... Happily, you're not representative. Free Software philosophy is opening, not closing.
About GNU/Linux philosophy
I hope that gimp does not become a cathedral

Gimp is no longer the "universal Swiss army knife " of image editing,
it's a fact.

Umm... what are you smoking?   The change in question did not REMOVE any functionality for editing images.   
It did not REMOVE any functionality as to what format files could be saved/exported to.  It only moved 
functionality to create a CLEAR distinction between "Saving" to it's native format, and 
"Exporting" to every other format.  More importantly as mentioned several hundred times, it reduced 
the code complexity AND(as much as possible barring power loss or computer crashes) now prevents one from 
accidentally loosing a multi-layer composition(which is the most important "feature")

Do you really use it ? Ergonomically speaking, Gimp is now an xcf editor.


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