maderios ( wrote:
> >You're quite out of your depth of knowledge. You seem to think you have
> >some sort of right to get what you want. You don't, OSS/FOSS doesn't
> >work like that, unless you're the one developing. FOSS development isn't
> >a democracy.
> I just think that every user can contribute to the development not
> only for bugs but also for improvements.

Every user can try (assuming that the project actually provides a
feedback channel, which is not a requirement of OSS/FOSS) to suggest
stuff to the developers.

However, it is up to their discretion if they consider the suggestion
as worth implementing. And it also is at their discretion to judge on
the suggestion based on the reputation of the person suggesting it. It
has happened in the past that people managed to lose all their respect
among the developers, so that their suggestions don't even get read

The main power of FOSS is, that each user has the right (regardless of
respect issues) to start and/or fund their own fork of the project where
they of course then can steer the development. Forks are not desirable
(and it can be argued that the FOSS license requirements are also a way
of discouraging forks), but they are entirely legitimate, provided the
FOSS requirements are met.


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