>On 04.11.2012 03:00, Sleepingbeautiie wrote:

>> I have no idea... and running out of memory? ._____." That's... a bad
>> thing, isn't it?
>> I'm not working on any images - I haven't been able to access GIMP
>> for three, four days, now, so...

>Patterns might be another cause for this problem. Fonts, too.

>> I mean, I'll try and follow what
>> Steve said, but.. then again I might just save my brushes into a
>> folder and then revert back to 2.6 to see if that works.

>You should move any brushes that didn't come with GIMP itself.
>If you've done this already, did anything change?

>Note that blindly (re-)installing any version of GIMP won't solve the 
>problem if anything you have added is causing this.

Well, yeah, I have moved all brushes that never came with gimp into an entirely 
diff. folder, so... I mean, what do you think? Would it work if, say, I 
uninstalled GIMP entirely, waited about a month or two (I can cope) and then 
try again?

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