On 01/22/13 07:59, Richard Gitschlag wrote:

>> Floats "belong to" whatever layer or mask was current when the clipboard 
>> content was pasted in.
>> You can only do two things with a float: Make it a new layer by
>> using the 'add layer' command, or use the 'anchor' command to merge
>> it down into whatever layer or mask was already selected when the
>> float was pasted into the image.
> That is correct, but because the Layers dialog displays the float at the top
> of the entire layer stack there is no visual indication in the dialog of which
> layer it belongs to.  If we merely changed the display of the dialog so that
> the float is always displayed just above its source layer (actual 
> functionality
> unaffected), this would make it more intuitive to the user.

While voting doesn't count ;-), I would second that as a suggestion.  I've meant
to make the same comment before.

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