>Hi guys,
>I've been using GIMP for years now, even professionally for the last
>year. There's one thing I still haven't ever done, and would love to
>do: designing a new interface for GIMP from scratch. I'm just not sure
>how to go about it.
>I could of course take the images of another theme and edit them as I
>see fit, and publish the final result as a new skin. But I don't want
>to do that - I want to do a proper job and design one from scratch.
>I have searched for a tutorial about this, but strangely enough,
>haven't found any.
>The graphical part is not an issue. It's the technical part I'm not
>sure about, like for example:
>- how do I make sure I get all the necessary image files? Is there an
>encrypted theme file or something I have to unzip or whatever?
>- are there any additional programs I need to use to do that?
>- same for putting it together: Do I need to compile the images into a
>theme file, and if so, what program do I need for that?
>And also:
>- are there any tutorials around about this that I might have missed
>- is there a popular location where new GIMP theme are hosted and
>There are obviously people who know how to do this, since there are
>plenty of good themes around. I would really appreciate it if someone
>could help me out with this.
>Thanks in advance!

Afaik you'll have to really get into GTK2 theming because GIMP 2.8 is mostly
based on GTK2 to my knowledge - only some widgets are used from gtk3. However
themeing in gtk2 and gtk3 is taking place differently. In GTK3 it's mostly CSS
based while in gtk2 it's not.

I however cannot give you more information about the theming itself, the only
thing I tried was to theme the whole desktop environment (Ubuntu) and it also
affected GIMP of course. But it was too time-intense so I skipped that ;)

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