>Afaik you'll have to really get into GTK2 theming because GIMP 2.8 is
>mostly based on GTK2 to my knowledge - only some widgets are used from
>gtk3. However themeing in gtk2 and gtk3 is taking place differently.
>In GTK3 it's mostly CSS based while in gtk2 it's not.
>I however cannot give you more information about the theming itself,
>the only thing I tried was to theme the whole desktop environment
>(Ubuntu) and it also affected GIMP of course. But it was too
>time-intense so I skipped that ;)

Yeah after having spent a lot of time browsing the net for an answer, it became
clear to me that there seems to also be a lot of coding involved, apart from the
obvious graphical work. Like you, I really don't want to get into that, really
not my thing. I was kinda hoping that there is some kind of nifty little WYSIWYG
proggy out there that does it for you, like VLC Media Player has VLC Skin
Editor. It decompiles the theme file into png images, and also the other way

Something like that would be perfect for me. Happen to know whether something
like that is around?

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