>sadly not. I've been searching for that too for some days, then
>started to adopt an existing one and adjusted values (very little).
>also I found that many themes are just adoptions of other ones (much
>code was confusing because many people tried something out). I also
>can't say that I found "many" good themes (I mean grey themes, that
>don't draw attention away from the canvas). But after some weeks of
>trying themes I always switched back to the system themes of Linux.
Yup sounds familiar. I guess there simply hasn't been anyone yet who has taken
it upon himself to build a utility for this, like the VLC Skin Editor. As it
stands now I guess the only real option for me is to edit the image files of
another theme and attempt to create something that way. Since more people seem
to do it that way it probably isn't a very odd way to go about it.
Thanks so far for the replies mate, appreciate it! ;)

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