>Yeah after having spent a lot of time browsing the net for an answer,
>it became clear to me that there seems to also be a lot of coding
>involved, apart from the obvious graphical work. Like you, I really
>don't want to get into that, really not my thing. I was kinda hoping
>that there is some kind of nifty little WYSIWYG proggy out there that
>does it for you, like VLC Media Player has VLC Skin Editor. It
>decompiles the theme file into png images, and also the other way
>Something like that would be perfect for me. Happen to know whether
>something like that is around?

sadly not. I've been searching for that too for some days, then started to adopt
an existing one and adjusted values (very little). also I found that many themes
are just adoptions of other ones (much code was confusing because many people
tried something out). I also can't say that I found "many" good themes (I mean
grey themes, that don't draw attention away from the canvas). But after some
weeks of trying themes I always switched back to the system themes of Linux.

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