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On Mon, Feb 18, 2013 at 7:16 AM, Jeffery Small <j...@cjsa.com> wrote:
When a major UI change like this is contemplated, why would it not be
implemented as a configuration switch which can be turned on/off on the
Preferences menu?  In this particular case, a simple switch could reverse
the Save and Export functions.  In the default mode, it would operate just
There has probably been 1000 times more effort expended writing about this
change than would have been spent implementing my suggestion above.  That's
something worth thinking about.

This applies to both sides of the discussion. Except one side wants
the old behaviour kept and one doesn't. Whose responsibility is it,
then? What do Alexandre and the rest of the devs actually owe users in
an open-source project? Particularly years after the change was first
mooted and discussed.

There are ALREADY plugins for those who want the old behaviour back
(not that I've used them). While I can understand the fly-by posts by
ignorant rant-ers (happens everywhere), I do not understand long-term
readers of this ML continuing this discussion. Someone has already
'fixed' what you believe is broken....

I use everyday "save-export-clean.py" plugin. Its' different from gimp-2.6 and other image editors like Krita, Digikam Showfoto, etc.. behavior. It becomes complicated because you get 5 options :
- save
- save as
- export
- save/export clean (python plugin)
- save for web
I do not understand myself why users (who use Gimp everyday, professional or not) opinion is not taken. Developers could give two options in the configuration: 2.6 OR 2.8 "save / save as" behavior. Gimp-2.6 behavior is not "old": it's the "standard" available in Krita, Digikam Showfoto, Libreoffice, Phot$op, most text editors, etc...

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