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> On Wed, Feb 20, 2013 at 02:43:12PM +0100, Simon Budig wrote:
> > What would you say to
> > 
> >    "We did it this way for reasons x, y, and z, but we recognize that
> >    what you're asking isn't like the broken spacebar comic. You have
> >    options a and b now, and we're thinking about some even better
> >    approaches in the future, but we won't revert to the old behaviour."
> > 
> > Because this is what we said in the past. Over and over again.
> I would say: okay, cool. But that's not what I've been seeing. It's largely
> along the lines of "you just don't understand that your way causes data
> loss". 

Well.. that is a part of it, but it really stops short of the entire point, 
which is not "you just don't understand that your way causes data loss", but 
more like "there are many things in GIMP currently that cause data loss.  We
are working over the next few releases to change this model such that data 
loss will never be part of the expected workflow.  The change to the save vs.
export file handling is just one step in many toward this goal.   We won't 
totally stop you from losing data if you really want to, but we will keep 
anyone from doing it accidental".  

Also, please remember that big part of the tone of many around here is that
it keeps coming up and in some cases, the same people continually repeat their
arguments and some who are just plain rude about it(calling someone working
for free on a program you use "stupid" is generally not a way to endear them 
to your opinion..not saying *you* have but a few people have said such 
things and even far worse)  I don't know if you have kids or not, but it's 
kind of like being on a road trip and the kid saying "are we there yet dad?"
The first few times(hopefully), you are nice, but after the kid asks for the
50th time, you feel like breaking something.

> And Overwrite is pretty close, but it doesn't mark images as clean, so I 
> get confused about what I've saved already. 

But see, that's because it's not supposed to.  Again, you have to remember 
that as of 2.8, any image pulled into Gimp is NO LONGER a .jpeg or .png or 
whatever, it's a Gimp image(xcf).  You can verify this by looking at the 
filename in the titlebar which has the (imported) "modifier" beside it.  
This shows up for non GIMP file formats and is your cue that you are working
on a non native file format(also notice that it goes away once you save to a 
Gimp file format, as well as the overwrite flag.) This is the whole point 
in that going forward, it is expected that you work in a non destructive 
methodology.  Another thing to remember is that you are using a plugin to
try to get around a behavior that was built in and it's never going to be 
able to override all of the default functionality(yet another reason I 
suggest people just bite the bullet and change their thought processes).


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