On 03/24/2013 11:05 PM, Helen wrote:
Thanks, yes, I've found that one, and it works to fill an entire selection. But I like the 3-d effects of, for example, the Tube Red. The sharp crisp color and the sense of depth, but not the red. I guess there's no way to turn it green and blue w/o
loosing the sense of depth that it gives.
I can go to color balance, or to various ways to color it after I've used it, but all those ways cancel out the depth effect. So I guess I'd have to be able to choose the colors
before using the gradient.

You can make your own gradients (copy an existing one and edit it if you need something close):


(an undocumented feature (discussed here not so long ago) of this dialog is that you can drop colors on it...: on end point handles (black triangles) to change the colors for that endpoint, and on the display, to add a new endpoint with that color on both sides.
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