Although I have been using GIMP for fourteen years, since release 1.0, I am new 
to 2.8.

I have noticed a change in the behaviour of the load/save process which seems 
to me to be a bad regression, unless it can be bypassed by a change in the 

In the past, I would open, say, a .jpeg file, work on it, and when the time 
came to Save, it would by default be saved in the file format of the original 

Now, Save (and Save As) only offers me .xcf (and archived .xcf), if I want to 
save in the original file format I have to go through Export, and then, to add 
insult to injury, GIMP complains when I close the picture that it has not been 
saved ! All this seems to me not only a stupid complication, but also deeply 


- Can this behaviour be changed in the configuration of GIMP ?

- If not, what is the latest release of GIMP that behaved in the old (and 
intuitive) way, so I can go back to that version ?

PS Why do the developpers think we all want to use the .xcf format ?
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