Hi there,

I'd like to point of some issues with a few of the recent mails:

1. Broken threading

Some users apparently reply with mail software which breaks threads, e.g. does not add In-Reply-To: / References: headers to sent messages. This starts a new thread for that message. Users 'Crew' and '.', please check your application settings and ensure that replies are threaded properly. The latter user is also advised to change the name part of the mail address, in order to not be caught by many spam filters.

2. Whole messages /mail histories are quoted

When replying to message in a mailing list, please do not quote the entire previous message history. That's what the message archives are for. Reduce the quoted message to the few lines you're referring to.

Let's keep mail a pleasant communications medium a bit longer.

P.S. the mailing lists are configured to remove HTML and attachments from the messages.

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