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Welcome to Prokoudine' Friday night tour to GIMP, the image editing
application that mends broken hearts.

>> You've never heard of Adobe Premiere, Kdenlive, Apple Final Cut, Apple
>> Logic, Audacity, Cubase, Ardour, Blender? That's OK. Now you have
> Using the examples of video editing packages is rather disingenuous as they
> are all project based programs

So is GIMP. You probably haven't noticed, but it has layers, layer
groups and masks. This is called compositing which is, essentially,
project based. As the rule. Anywhere.

> that work on the expectation of combining multiple files

So does GIMP. The new image processing core makes it possible to do
stuff like hotlinking external bitmaps and SVG files. That's the
future. And in both past and present GIMP has that thing called "Open
As Layer". You might find it useful, although you are probably used to
just dropping files on the canvas from your file manager of choice.

> and outputting in a different format

So does GIMP. Drop PNG in, export JPEG. Drop SVG in, export TIFF. Just
earlier today at work I had to cut/scale/refine a bunch of JPEGs out
of a PDF file. That's outputting different format, all right.

> Care to give any examples of the genre of image editing programs that insist
> on defaulting to working on intermediate formats ?

As a Linux user, I don't have tons of image editors to try. But hey,
I'm quite ready to believe that most of them are doing it wrong :)

> Sometimes it's better to accept a program's development has gone wrong and
> return it to a more acceptable workflow that matches the expectations of
> it's users.

And you are exactly the person to judge what users expect, aren't you? :)

Let me see.

- Filmmakers tell me the new behaviour works great for them and
matches their expectations.
- 3D artists who produce textures with GIMP tell me the new behaviour
is awesome and even want us to take it further.
- Designers tell me they just love it (admittedly, not all of them).

But what do they know, right? :)

I can see how this is going to become yet another boring thread on a
tired subject. Please don't count me in.

Alexandre Prokoudine
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