On 14/06/2013 19:47, Alexandre Prokoudine wrote:
The vast majority of photographers DON'T use Linux because there's been
>nothing credible for them.
It's amazing that there are people who actually believe that.

Why would you believe anything else ? Do you see any support from the likes of Canon, Nikon, Sony, Pentax etc ?

You might notice from my signature that I run a printer profiling business. Over the last ten years we've built profiles for thousands of photographers and design companies. Throughout that time we've kept records of OS use to provide usage instructions. In all that time it's worked out at roughly a third use Macs, two thirds use Windows and just one person used Linux. That sort of proportion is in keeping with what people are using on the big photo forums like Luminous Landscape, Fred Miranda, DPReview etc. Linux is fine for some applications, but for photography ? it's made no significant impact.

It's great that The Gimp has been ported to Windows, but in order for it to be taken seriously it has to develop and work in a sensible way.

Paul Holman

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