On 06/14/2013 02:47 PM, Eduard Braun wrote:
> Actually I know nobody who likes the new distinction between save and
> export.
> But the whole discussion seems to be at a point of no return anyway
> and developers seem to defend the change as a matter of principle
> rather than aiming for maximum usability, so it seems quite improbable
> anything will change.

Hey Eduard, I'm Tom and it's a pleasure to meet you!  :)

I've been a long time GIMP user and the new save/export behavior was a
surprise to me as well, but I actually like the new behavior since I
tend to save in XCF format more frequently, which prevents me from
making accidental mistakes.  In the past, I would open an image file,
forget to save it as a XCF file first, make some changes to it, save the
file (either clobbering the original or saving it as a new file), and
then later regret NOT saving to XCF format because I would want to make
further modifications later or to find out which font I had used, if I
added text, etc.

The new behavior forces me to be more conscious about my saving action,
which I think is a good thing.  I also agree with adding a setting to
control the save behavior, so users can choose which method suits them best.

With regard to all the discussion about "Linux" in all this, we can't
forget the numbers of people who use GIMP on Windows and the "Freedom of
Linux" doesn't relate to that platform. 

As for Audacity, I'm running Audacity 2.0.3 on Ubuntu 13.04 Linux
(64-bit) right now. I have a MP3 audio file loaded and when I click the
"File" menu, the save options are "Save Project", "Save Project As", and
"Save Compressed Copy of Project".  Then, I have two Export options,
"Export" and "Export Multiple".  I made a change to the audio track and
tried to close Audacity and it prompted me to save the project (.AUP)
file and stated if I wanted to save in another audio format, I must use
the "File > Export" function.  Maybe Audacity on Windows behaves



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