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> On Fri, Jun 14, 2013 at 10:20 PM, Crew wrote:
> > On 14/06/2013 19:06, Alexandre Prokoudine wrote:
> >>
> >> As a Linux user, I don't have tons of image editors to try. But hey,
> >> I'm quite ready to believe that most of them are doing it wrong:)
> >
> >
> > Right I see now.
> > "I write for Linux I don't need to conform to user requirements, I know
> > better"
> You are not users, Paul. You are a user. Singular noun, not a plural noun.

Excuse me, Alexandre,  but you're being DISMISSIVE AS HELL here.

No matter how big your love for the project, swashbuckling rethoric, and
your own ego,
saying "You're just an user, not users" when people disagree with you by
the bucketload,
dismissing someone because "oh you're just one!" is called BEING ARROGANT.




I know typing it three more times won't allow you to wrap your head around
it, but what
the hell.

I'm not saying this guy is right, but your "holier than thou" attitude is
corrosive and self-satisfied.

You probably think it's charismatic or something.
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