On 19.07.13 at 9:21 PM Renaud (Ron) OLGIATI:
Completely useless for the vast majority who only want to quickly open a 
camera-produced .jpeg, rotate, crop and rescale it, and never work on it again.

So, then GIMP is perhaps not the right choice for your workflow.
It's like buying a big road cruiser and then complaining that it
doesn't fit into a narrow parking bay. So, obviously,
the cruiser must be a bad car ;-)

A quick and easy software to edit your camera images might be a better
choice for the use cases you mentioned. For instance think of the
accompaniment software that is shipped with your camera, image
viewers, digikam, Xnview, iPhoto, Picasa etc.
You can anyway use GIMP for more complex image editing tasks, like
retouching, photomontages or effects.

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