I 100% agree.

I'm using this "new feature" in Gimp from about 1 year, and the result is always
the same: the PAIN I feel every time I have to save my damn jpg back in the
format I'm working: JPG.

this is so, so STUPID. 

I know developers won't go back for ANY reasons because they believe to have the
truth in the world; so I really hope for a fork of the entire Gimp project

>I /hate/ the new Save vs. Export behavior. It is completely 
>non-intuitive to me, it makes my brain stumble every time I try to do 
>just about any of the things that I do in GIMP on a regular basis, and
>it makes most of my workflows take more thought and more button clicks

and this isn't changed after 18 months using this CRAPPY way to save a jpg. 

>then save as XCF? Well, Ctrl-shift-e won't work for that, because the 
>export dialog doesn't let you export as XCF. I see no advantage 

there is NO advantage.

>I understand that there is "information loss" when an image is saved
>as a format other than XCF. But the fact of the matter is that when all

And the behaviour has to be responsability of USERS, not developers. Users
doesn't need STUPID tools to make things.

Has anyone solved this bad behaviour? Is there something to use instead of this
idiot-wannabe gimp?

asbesto (via www.gimpusers.com/forums)
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