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On 19.07.13 at 9:21 PM Renaud (Ron) OLGIATI:
Completely useless for the vast majority who only want to quickly open
a camera-produced .jpeg, rotate, crop and rescale it, and never work
on it again.

So, then GIMP is perhaps not the right choice for your workflow.
It's like buying a big road cruiser and then complaining that it
doesn't fit into a narrow parking bay. So, obviously,
the cruiser must be a bad car ;-)

Except GIMP was fine with that until the developers recently changed it. It's like trying to tell people that you removed the simple ignition system and replaced it with a slightly more complex (and possibly superior) ignition system that significantly deviated from the expected norms and that if they didn't like it, it was their fault because their expectations were wrong in the first place even though for the previous 15 years those expectations were happily catered to.

A quick and easy software to edit your camera images might be a better
choice for the use cases you mentioned. For instance think of the
accompaniment software that is shipped with your camera, image
viewers, digikam, Xnview, iPhoto, Picasa etc.
You can anyway use GIMP for more complex image editing tasks, like
retouching, photomontages or effects.

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So is GIMP no only for those professionals who do more then a quick edit? If so, that is mighty snobbish (though it fits in with the general developer snobbery that has been permeating the F/OSS culture for the past few years).

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