Just to be clear - the reason I am proposing the enhancement request is a new way of 
using a feature which has already been coded (ie giving the paintbrush eraser 
functionality).  The purpose is primarily to have a better workflow, but also to have 
more meaningful treatment of "background color" for pictures which have 
multiple layers (and an alpha channel).

I have reposted the sample picture here:

The xcf has been renamed with a .jpg extension otherwise it wouldn't upload.

By way of example in relation to the paint-with-background-color trick:

"*also a friend of mine commented that using white to erase was a good trick, but in 
Wesnoth it's actually really bad considering all portraits are on a transparent 

(From Wesnoth art forums: http://forums.wesnoth.org/viewtopic.php?f=23&t=38935
There are other examples floating around the web.)

Wesnoth portrait art would be an example where this enhancement could be used.

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