So, to give an analogy, if you are working on a surface with no alpha channel, 
you can simply swap to the background color to "erase" something you've drawn 
(which is also precisely what the Eraser tool does if there's no alpha 
channel!), right?

Okay, I think I understand.  You know how the Eraser option uses an Alt key 
modifier for "Anti-erase"?  Maybe add something similar to the 
Pencil/Paintbrush tools - Alt key activates an "anti paint" mode.  The 
difference between this and switching to the Eraser tool outright is that the 
Eraser tool might have separate tool options (dynamics, etc.).

I can support that having a keyboard modifier to do something on an arbitrary 
basis is indeed slightly faster than going to the toolbox and switching tools.  
Heck, it's still faster than swapping a Wacom pen around for the other end.

-- Stratadrake
Numbers may not lie, but neither do they tell the whole truth.
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