On 07/25/2013 11:09 PM, Brendan Scott wrote:

Why? This request occurred to me after watching online digital
painting tutorials from a couple of different sources.  In them, the
artist chooses a particular color as their background (typically
white) and, rather than erasing their mistakes, simply switches to
the background color and paints over with it.  I have seen several
comments on these videos (replicated across the sources) to the
effect that this swapping to background color rather than using the
eraser is a neat trick - mainly because it simplifies the workflow.

See for example:
at 1:55 where he says:

"To erase, I don't use the eraser.  It's slow to switch tools.  I prefer [to] use 
the color picker and pick white color on the background.  To draw again, I pick grey"

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