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> Y'know, I cannot think of any situation in my personal workflow where Ctrl+E 
> versus Ctrl+Shift+E creates a tangible difference in behavior.

as with control-s and control-S, there's no difference the first time,
only on subsequent times: control-shift-s (save as) and control-shift-e
(export as) will prompt for a filename each time, whereas control-s and
control-e will only prompt the first time, and not at all in the case of
control-s where you opened an xcf file.

control-e prompts even the first time because overwriting your input
jpeg file can cause data loss that can't be restored by undoing all
changes to the start of the session and then overwriting the file. It's
also because control-e and control-shift-e were used in previous
versions of gimp for changing the window size to fit the image and
changing the image zoom to fit the window, respectively, so many users
would press them out of habit and risked suddenly overwriting a file. I
think I was the first to request that change, when I accidentally
destroyed a jpeg image from a photo shoot.

So yes, there are differences, or at least there are supposed to be
differences, between ^e and ^E, as with ^s and ^S, and yes, the
developers do listen to constructive suggestions and do change the code.



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