>Have you reinstalled whatever software owns this DLL (likely a Nikon
>provided software?)? Because this is not GIMP which installs it (at
>least there is no such file for me), so reinstalling GIMP is not
>likely to fix anything if your system can't find it.
>Also I am not a usual Windows user, but if I understood the system
>logics, DLLs are also found with the PATH environment variable.
>Therefore you could try to check if windows\twain.32\nikon\nikon scan
>3.0 is in your PATH, and if not, add it. That may fix your issue.
I tried adding the path to nikon 3  program to path statement with no luck, 
copying the nikon dll's to gimp/bin also no luck.

westendr (via www.gimpusers.com/forums)
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