>Can you provide some details where you say "also no luck"? What
>exactly is
>no luck?
>Are you a a 64-bit Gimp or 32-bit Gimp? Do you have Windows\twain_32
>Windows\twain_64 with the appropriate ds files for the scanner in each
No luck means editing the path statement or copying the Nikon files into
gimp/bin did not work. Every thing is 32 bit.
What I find hard to believe is there is a very detailed Gimp help file on how
to use a scanner and dozens of emails wining about the location and method to
get to it, and nothing about the problem I am having. At the Adobe (Photoshop)
Users site, there are dozens of people with the same error message relating to
dragnkl1.dll file... And no fix there either. So the problem seems to be film
scanner/software and any photo management software.

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