Since all is 32-bit, you should not be having any issues. As a test, can
you try VueScan and see if that helps you? You can download a fully
functional trial from here:


On Mon, Sep 23, 2013 at 10:57 PM, westendr <> wrote:

> >Can you provide some details where you say "also no luck"? What
> >exactly is
> >no luck?
> >
> >Are you a a 64-bit Gimp or 32-bit Gimp? Do you have Windows\twain_32
> >or
> >Windows\twain_64 with the appropriate ds files for the scanner in each
> >folder?
> No luck means editing the path statement or copying the Nikon files into
> gimp/bin did not work. Every thing is 32 bit.
> What I find hard to believe is there is a very detailed Gimp help file on
> how
> to use a scanner and dozens of emails wining about the location and method
> to
> get to it, and nothing about the problem I am having. At the Adobe
> (Photoshop)
> Users site, there are dozens of people with the same error message
> relating to
> dragnkl1.dll file... And no fix there either. So the problem seems to be
> film
> scanner/software and any photo management software.
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