On 12/20/2013 03:03 AM, SirCrow wrote:
>> It looks like FotoTouch was a stand alone executable for Windows 3.1
>> and compatible systems.  I could not find a copy, else I would have
>> fired it up under WINE to see what it does.  Alas, another "free as
>> in beer" program, derelict and unmaintainable, sinks beneath the
>> waves...
> Wow, a whole lot to digest.  I'll reread it all later.  Thanks a bunch.  Good 
> to
> see so many responses.  I may not be so alone after all.
> If there really is nowhere to download FotoTouch these days, I suppose I could
> try emailing you a copy of it from my old PC, if you're really curious.

Sure, I'll play with that.  It will probably run under WINE.
Sending me a copy is probably a copyright violation but I won't tell
if you don't, and I seriously doubt that its nominal owner would
care at all, as long as it's not distributed to the whole great
unwashed public.



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