On 18.01.2014 23:25, SirCrow wrote:

> I'm afraid to Reply to anything at this point

> Anyway, I'll be posting at gimpchat.com from now on.  Good-bye to the annoying
> "challenge" things.  Too much eye strain even without those things!

What you can do instead would be to subscribe to the list directly with
a mail client, one that supports mailing lists by offering threading and
List Reply, instead of using it through the gimpusers.* gateway.

To the gimpusers.* admins, who seem to be at least partially responsible

You should investigate if mail subjects can be handled better by your
gateway. The In-Reply-To header isn't handled by all clients, else
Partha would see no new threads. Maybe you can make sure that a changed
subject is converted to a proper Re: subject in this context, for
example if the users changes it from a very old one (Joe had to do this,
maybe also investigate why?) to the current one, but forgets the Reply

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