Robert, tell me -

If you open would "open" a 2D drawing with a  CAD software, do a lot
of editing with
3D operations, what would you expect it to do when you press "save"?

One thing is certain, we should insist that when you open any
non-XCF file, it should be listed as an "import" operation - it converts
a flat image file into a GIMP image.
An image open in GIMP is a complex project with layers, masks
and from gimp-2.9 on, different bit depths per component,
information on text layers and so on.

All other file formats but .XCF and .ORA can but take a snapshot of
this work. And even ORA won't map 1:1 with GIMP

It does not even begin to make sense to tell the work can be
"saved" to a flat format - and the current situation fixed it.

The workflow for people wanting just to "fix a lot of broken images"
can be improved, and that is made under _reasonable_ and constructive
suggestions. Demanding regression to a  broken behavior is neither.

The save-as-XCF nly behavior actually makes the program
easier to use for most people. One now just don't have to
have "personal flaws" for saving as XCF and checking the
exported files in order not to loose information: the normal program
workflow allows one naturally to preserve both his ongoing work
_and_ the original photographic work, by not overwriting it

And the "price" to pay for that is to have to stop to think for a
fraction of a second at the time one is done and should
export the final resulting snapshot of the work done, having to
select file->export instead of file->save.

Moreover, as of GIMP 2.8.10, the "export" dialog can be
 opened by a single click when one tries to export to  a non-native
format from the save dialog. Not shure if you are aware of that,
since that can't be such a  burden as to generate so much complaint


On 2 January 2014 17:53, Alexandre Prokoudine
<> wrote:
> On Thu, Jan 2, 2014 at 11:36 PM, Robert Vorsteg wrote:
>> Yes.  And a more important point that Norbert goes on to make is that
>> developers should listen to users and take theminto account.
> I've listened to you. I still disagree with you.
>> Are there any GIMP developers who read this list?
> Push harder, be more demanding, be less respectful, and there will be none.
> Alexandre
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