On 2 January 2014 19:52, Daniel Hauck <dan...@yacg.com> wrote:
> I think you're missing the point.  MOST users, just as with almost all other
> software, do not use the advanced features of advanced software.  I see it
> all the time.  I see people load up MS Word to check the spelling of
> something else (copy and paste) of programs which do not support that
> feature. And this amazing gold standard professional software like Adobe
> Photoshop and MS Word and lots more allow people to save in formats which
> are lossy.

ok. Stop there.
open a "txt" file with "ms word".Not a ".doc", "docx", "odt".
click file->save.
Read what it tells you. I rest the case.

There is nothing "advanced" in preserving
the editing information of one's project.

(Now, I actually had not  used "ms word" since, like, 1997. But I suppose
it won't overwrite your "txt" file without telling you a thing or two about
the file format you are using. Libreoffice won't.  )

BTW, did you intend this rather unconstructive message just for me, or
for the whole list?
The GIMP lists are configured in a way the default reply goes only to
the sender.

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