On 1/2/2014 4:17 PM, akovia wrote:
I've watched these threads come an go and I must be missing something.
When this new behavior first arrived, like everyone else I was used to
the old way and having to learn a new work-flow is never fun. Regardless
I just figured this was the way it was going to be so I adopted it
immediately. At this point I can't even remember exactly how things used
to work as the new way is now ingrained in my work-flow. What is so hard
about Ctrl+o to overwrite, or Shift-Ctrl+e to export?

If we could funnel all the wasted energy spent trying to buck this new
feature, we could be up to gimp 3.0 by now. I've been a dog with a bone
on many issues, but the reasoning behind this decision was a sound one
and would rather put my energies into something more productive. This
just isn't that big of a deal. The sooner you accept it, the sooner you
will forget what it was you were so worried about.

Infrequent user of GIMP, but I'll ask: is there no way to map the control keys differently?
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