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qelvin5500 (qelvin5...@gmail.com) wrote:
*Creating pictures* is a job, developing a software to create these
picture is a different job.
Developing GIMP is a Hobby, not a Job.

Whether a job or a hobby, prioritizing effectively is probably *MOST* important.

In this regard, voluminous postings that are distracting and *UNNECESSARY* is *ALWAYS* counterproductive.

Any posting that starts "I understand that the developers are ---" is counterproductive.

The notion that the marvelously effective GIMP developers were unaware of the discomfort this UI change would produce was gainsaid in earlier postings in this and related threads; I would encourage all those who are fans of GIMP and would like to have the ever-changing developer group get on with their priorities: please back off and let them be. I *WANT* CMYK; I *WANT* high-bit-depth; I *WANT* more robust undo history; I *WANT* more intuitive UI; I *WANT* a smoother work flow; I *WANT* - - -

I will not mention what my priorities are, but I can understand that the large community of users is likely to have a large number of subgroups each of which would agree on a profoundly different set of priorities than many of the other subgroups.

I am reminded of a comedian's remark some decades ago: "I wish those people who can't communicate would SHUT UP ABOUT IT."

 -- Burnie

PS - I apologize for distracting any members of the worldwide GIMP community who dislike being bothered by threads like these - please forgive.
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