>Oh - sorry - I just saw this e-mail now.
>Put th e;py file in a GIMP plug-ins folder
>(on Linux it is /home/<user>/.gimp-2.8/plug-ins), for example,
>Check a suitable folder in edit->preferences->folders->plug-ins

Joao, I think I've installed the script file in the right place, but I don't
think the plug-in is showing up in my GIMP.  Can you confirm that the following
are the last several lines of the script file <feather_paste.py>?  Also, where
exactly should it be found in the menus? Thanks.  Sorry to trouble you.

************** end of feather_paste.py ******************
        (PF_IMAGE, "img", "Input image", None),
        (PF_DRAWABLE, "layer", "Input layer", None)


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