On 20.01.2014 01:52, Jehan Pagès wrote:

> On Mon, Jan 20, 2014 at 12:59 AM, Michael Schumacher <schum...@gmx.de> wrote:
>> On 19.01.2014 03:55, Jehan Pagès wrote:

>> Camstudio, a screen recording software, is released under the GNU GPL
>> and has been reported to cause the same problems - someone already
>> reported the issue to them:
>> http://camstudio.org/forum/discussion/1117/cannot-add-layer-to-layer-group-while-using-camstudio-2-6/p1

>> So if we follow up on that post and point out that this is still an
>> issue, we might get some nice research going on there.
> You are right. I am mostly homeless and on the road these days though,
> and likely for the next 5 months or so. So my time is very limited.
> Thus I'll let other programmers look into this, unless the problem is
> still there when I'll settle again later. :-)

I've sent a mail to Camstudio, pointed them to their forum post (and
mentioned that it is likely to specific), and told them about this plan.
Let's see if I get a reply.

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