>Alrighty, Kaspersky answered and they said it's a known bug and they
>are working on it. A fix won't be out soon though, they said.
>They recommend downgrading to the 2013 version until it's fixed.
>So I guess a little note on the download page would be appropriate now
>I guess.

Just keep in mind, Kaspersky's product is only one of apparently multiple that
cause this problem.  I still haven't found what is causing it on my system (I've
never installed Kaspersky's product).  So I still think this needs to be
addressed by the GIMP team, or whoever is responsible for the common UI used by
GIMP and other programs like Inkscape, as that seems to be where the
incompatibility lies.

kzibart (via www.gimpusers.com/forums)
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