>I think we have a question for you: how did you create that? Because 
>it's likely more an error you do than a wrong technique.
>If you want smooth outlines, you should create them using the path
><http://docs.gimp.org/en/gimp-using-paths.html>, then create a
>from the path (Select>From path) and then bucket-fill the selection. 
>With the path tool, the smoother lines are those created with the
>nodes, and where the tangent handles on each node are symmetrical.
>A path done using you existing foot as a guide, then used for a 
>selection and bucket-filled:

Oh lord, lol. I am so grateful for your reply, and the image that you have
attached is absolutely perfect - 100% what I am after. But I'm afraid I just
don't understand most of what you have explained to me with regards to tangent
handles, nodes etc. I am such an amateur!

I will experiment with the path tool, but is there any way you could explain
briefly how to start? The image I attached was originally a photograph of a
paint footprint. I used the alpha channel to remove the background, then
smoothed out the outline as best I could with the eraser and finally colourised
the image. I appreciate this isn't the right way of doing things as the image
doesn't look good! But I've taught myself how to use GIMP and it's still a
struggle as I am a real novice!

Thanks so much again for your reply :)

NoWhizzKid (via www.gimpusers.com/forums)
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