Hai guise,

I have spent many, many hours watching the GIMP re-scan all its
plugins, scripts, brushes etc. every time it is started.  At least a
week, since I have been using the GIMP for a long time, with a lot
of optional components installed.  I think it would be a Good Thing
if there was a way for users to tell the GIMP to load up a LOT faster.

I understand the usefulness of having the GIMP rebuild its library
of components every time it is started:  Add or remove a script,
plugin or etc. and viola, the change takes effect when the GIMP is
started, without further user intervention.  That's the only
sensible default behavior.

But I think it might also be very useful if there was a
configuration option that would prompt the GIMP to save all this
configuration data to a file the first time the program is started
with the "fast open" option enabled, and load the configuration from
that file on startup from then on.  I imagine that would be a lot
faster than building a new configuration from scratch at start time,
every time.

That's just my imagination, of course.  I would like to know what
people who /really/ understand the GIMP start up process think about
this.  If saving and reloading configuration data would enable the
GIMP to start "a lot" faster, an option for that would be popular
with "a lot" of users.

When the user adds or removes components while a fast start mode is
enabled, the GIMP could be prompted to rescan its directories via a
configuration menu option.  Alternately, the splash screen could
have a dialog for that, i.e. buttons for "Start Now" and "Rescan

So, what do y'all think?  Would this actually work, and if so, would
you want it?



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