Elle Stone (ellest...@ninedegreesbelow.com) wrote:
> So the many default GIMP plug-ins can be added to the list of things that
> cause GIMP to take longer to load, that it might be nice for users to have
> the option to not load.

Regarding plugins: querying them (i.e. starting and asking them what
their procedures look like) is expensive. Gimp queries plugins, when the
plugin is "new" to gimp or its modification date differs from the cached
results of an earlier query.

So basically Gimp stat()'s plugins on each start, but that is not an
expensive operation (at least not on linux on a local file system).

Actually querying is usually not happening (except on the first startup,
then querying the plugins really is a drag).

However, there have been reports, that under some circumstances all
plugins get re-queried, AFAIK it is not clear what might cause this.


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