On 12/17/2015 08:30 PM, Owen Cook wrote:
>>> Presently using GIMIP 2.8.10 on Linux Mint.  The slow startup due to
>>> rescan of all plugins & etc. is a feature, not a bug; I have
>>> observed it across all the versions on all platforms I have used.
>> Can we get some absolute numbers?
> Using a 2.7GHz AMD Athlon(tm) 64 X2 Dual Core Processor 5200+ the startup 
> time is less than 3 seconds with 2.8.10 (Linux Mint 17.1)
> Git edff1d0 also started in about 3 seconds on the second start. Wasn't 
> counting for the first start, but sure it was more than 3 secs.
> Fast enough for me !!

I just clocked the opening GIMP at 43 seconds flat, on an AMD 64
dual core system with 1.5 GB of RAM and Linux 17.  This is typical
of my experience on other platforms with other versions of the GIMP,
going back at least to GIMP 2.6 on a very adequate office
workstation running Windows XP.

Here's the reason:

172 brushes
112 script-fu scripts
92 fonts
1 python plugin

Also present:  GMIC, resynthesizer, wavelet decompose, animation
support, a bunch of texture tiles and probably one or two other
dealie bobs.

This isn't just clutter:  All this junk is present because I have
used it, at one time or another.  I do a /lot/ of graphics work in
several different contexts.

All of it needs found, identified, and menus configured to include
it, every time the GIMP opens.  Being able to save that state and
just reload it in one go /should/, I believe, get the start up time
down to "plenty fast enough."

The alternative would be removing most of that stuff, then adding
back what is needed on a per-job basis, typically in mid course of
editing an image.  On the whole, I'll take the 40+ second opening
time rather than that.


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