>Given the image, you should not be using Gimp... You can use, in 
>decreasing ease-of-user order:
>- a plain word processor (LibreOffice or else)
>- Scribus (a typesetting application)
>- Inkscape (a vector graphics editor)

I'm smiling as I reply, because you are so right!

I inherited this project as part of an abrupt transition from another company. 
They provided the templates and images, including this one - but in Photoshop
formats.  i was asked to install GIMP and ramp up ASAP.  Because I was placed on
the yellow brick road and pointed towards the Emerald City, I never stopped to
look for an exit or short-cuts.

There are other assets that I will be working with that might not lend
themselves to the types of tools you mentioned, but certainly I will try to see
beyond the next turn in the road when I get to that point.

Thank you for your input!


DennisT (via www.gimpusers.com/forums)
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