On 26/05/16 01:14, DennisT wrote:
Start the Text tool again and click on the layer (I assume this is still
a text layer ("A" preview in the Layers dialogs))
Thank you for responding!

I selected the text tool, hid all the layers except the one I want to edit.

Clicking on the layer in the Layers Dialog did nothing, and when I click on the
actual layer I get the 4 square marker to insert new text.

I want to select the existing text and change it.

Sorry, I don't know what you mean when referring to - "A" (text?) preview in
Layers dialog.

I attached a screenshot of what I'm looking at.

Not tech shy.  I have 20+ years working with computers.  Just haven't seen GIMP
before last week and the learning curve seems pretty steep.

With thanks,

* http://www.gimpusers.com/system/attachments/248/original/GimpScreen.png

When you create a text layer, it remains editable as long as you don't alter it in any way outside of the Text tool. While in this state, the Layers list preview image is not the text but a big bold uppercase A. This is what Gimp users call a "text layer". If you alter the layer outside of the Text tool (paint, scale, rotate, merge... ) Gimp renders it as a plain layer (because other tools can only deal with bitmap layers...) and the Text properties are lost, making it non-editable.

This is unfortunately what happened to the layers in your project. You should have avoided merging the text and its background.

You can keep text layers and their separate background layers together by putting the pair in a layer group. To move them together, select the group in the layers list and use the Move tool in "Move the active layer" mode.

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