On 25/05/16 23:36, DennisT wrote:
New GIMP user who has not previous used Photoshop.  So far I have had mixed
results.  Creating a new layered project was successful, but coming back to
modify that project has been a total brick wall.

I have 11 layers with each containing a single text component, image or shape.
I can't seem to be able to edit any of my existing text.  I have hidden most
layers from view and am trying to work with a single layer that has a single
text box that I want to change.

My source is an XCF file, from which I exported JPG files for our website.  I
have not (knowingly) applied filters or done much more than add text, shapes and
a couple of small images.

Search results have all been about older versions.  I can't right-click the
layer and choose edit (which sounds wonderfully simple and effective...).

Documentation explains the new features but only offer how to add, not edit

Right-clicking the existing text pops up the GIMP menu, not something context
sensitive.  Using the text tool seems to only want to add new text, not change
what I already have.

It shouldn't (can't) be this hard so there must be something simple that I'm

Just a little help!  I'm not usually this slow to pick up new tools.

Start the Text tool again and click on the layer (I assume this is still a text layer ("A" preview in the Layers dialogs))
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