To change the background color in a gif so you don't wipe out 
the text there are a couple of ways to go.  But first, change 
the image to RGB instead of indexed.  You'll be able to change 
it back later.

1. If the text is all one color (not found elsewhere), try 
selecting by color and grabbing the text.  Then invert the 
selection (which should give you everythi8ng except the text).  
You can then fill/blend/pattern/whatever the selection without 
affecting the text.

2.  Conversely, if the text is varying colors and the background 
is one color,
try selecting just the bg color.  Then fill ad lib.

3.  If your computer has the same font that the text is in, you 
can rebuild the image from scratch using the text tool, or the 
dynatext filter.

4.  Or you can try playing with Image/Colors/Threshold and see 
if you can separate the text from the bg this way, then procedd 
to color as desired.

And if you want to save the resulting image as a gif, the save 
dialog will walk you through the necessary steps.



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