On Monday 11 February 2002 23:11, Rebecca J. Walter wrote:
> It sounds like it is something missing on your system.  With SuSE 7.3
> PPC, I have no font problems.  However, I have GNOME stuff installed.
> Are you possibly missing a package that was accidently not marked with a
> dependency?

:) I might... but how am I to know? Or how do i find out what package I could 
be missing as long as I don't even know what packages I might need?

> How did you install your SuSE system?  YaST2?  Have you made any major
> changes in your system since installation?

It was installed with yast2 almost always just following the defaults... and 
I have not done major changes yet...

> As a SuSE user (etc.), this sounds to me like a SuSE problem.  Did you
> check the support database?  (the suse one)

yes I did... the only thing I thought to be eventually relevant was the tip 
to update the freetype2-rpm... did that w/o any visible impact...

I have in the meanwhile tried to start an xterm with the same long font 
description from the text-tool dialog and it won't show the fonts either... 
so it is not a gimp-issue, obviously...

But what I don't understand is this: How can I use those fonts in kmail and 
how is the Gimp able to display the fonts correctly the text tool dialog, but 
not able to use them at the same time?

> (as a side note... what do you think of the gimp chapter in the
> applications manual?)

Unfortunately, I have never had the books for SuSE 7.3. The last release I 
bought was 7.0 and I gave the applications manual to my mother after I set up 
a Linux box for her...


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