At 13:35 12.2.2002, Johannes Liedtke wrote:

>But what I don't understand is this: How can I use those fonts in kmail and
>how is the Gimp able to display the fonts correctly the text tool dialog, but
>not able to use them at the same time?

I have found similar problem using Gimp 1.2.0 on Win98 with Adobe Type 
manager. When both True Type and Type1 fonts are activated, I can see Type1 
fonts correctly listed in the text tool, but font displayed as sample is 
always the same (tries Gimp some font substitution?). When the TrueType are 
deactivated, Type1 fonts work fine - e.g. I can't work by the same time 
with both types of font... the way: My Gimp seems to recognize all Type1 fonts as bitmap. Maybe 
that's why scaling doesn't work - text size is always default (something 
like 82 pts), and can be sized only with layer.

In other programs are these workarounds not neccessary, various experiments 
with ATM settings did not have any effect.

Thanks for any idea


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