Patrick wrote:
> On Wednesday 27 February 2002 12:14 pm, Sam Jones, went on about:
>>>But I'm not getting the mouse output.  One note I've still got my
>>>ps/2 mouse functioning, but it was my understanding that both mice
>>>should work.
>>You are right in that X will respond to either the graphics tablet or
>>the ps/2 mouse.  I should add that I don't have the Wacom mouse.  I
>>only know my configuration works for the stylus.
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> Geoffrey,
> It is true that under Linux, you should be able to continue to use your 
> ps/2 mouse as well as your USB tablet.

I had read that it was possible.  I'd like to do so, as my ps/2 mouse 
sit's on a 'floating' mousepad and it would be difficult to replace it 
with my usb tablet/mouse/stylus.

> There are a few things you must 
> remember when doing so as well.  Be sure to set both up using Sax2 for 
> X

sax2, comes with SuSE right?  I'm not sure it will install on my 
Mandrake dist, but I'll give it a spin.

> and that there are no conflicts in the settings.  Second, be sure 
> that you are not trying to use both at the same time!  Anytime the 
> stylist is on the pad, the mouse is deactivated, so be sure you remove 
> the stylist from the pad while trying to use the mouse!

I want to make sure I understand this statement.  My tablet has a place 
to store the stylus at the top of the tablet.  When you say remove the 
stylus from the tablet, you mean don't have it on the tablet drawing 
surface, right?

> I don't 
> actually have a pad myself, but have read much about the setup for the 
> extra device from mails of those trying to get them setup correctly.  
> It looks like the settings are correct, as Sam points out, so both your 
> devices should be activated.

Thanks, I'm going to keep plugging away at it.

> Patrick

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