On Saturday 23 March 2002 02:52 pm, John Culleton, was heard saying:
> I guess I must keep asking this question until someone responds.
> How do I install the xsane plugin in Gimp? Xsane runs ok standalone.
> I tried creating a directory called xsane under gimp-1.2/plug-ins and
> linking the xsane binary there, then removing .gimprc from my home
> directory. Everything went fine except it still didn't find xsane.
> I am sure this is a simple process. Can anyone tell me what to do?
> thanks in advance:
> John Culleton
Don't know what distro you are using, but that has never been a problem 
with my Gimp install.  Sane & XSane have always been available to me in 
Gimp!  Maybe you need to reinstall Gimp and/or Sane/Xsane to get things 
working together?  You may have already done this though and another 
more experienced Linux will have to pitch in with help if you have.  ;o)

I get xsane from the menu on the main window of Gimp.  
File>Acquire>XSane:  device dialog
All my xsane windows open right up at that point ready to scan into 

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